Learning About Life Never Stops

Hate trying to understand things about your body or sexuality that everyone else seems to know already? Well we did too, and that's why we developed this app and website to provide you with the knowledge that others forgot to tell you.

Here you will be able to explore both your own sexes anatomy and chemistry or even the opposites; From childhood development, to puberty, to sexual matters we try to cover all subjects that are hard to talk about.

Started in 2017 by 2 students doing their senior capstone project at DSU, BirdandB.com is a non-profit organization that only wishes to better the world.

Viewer Discretion is Advised

BirdandB.com is tutorial website and may contain content that is not appropriate for some viewers. Only those who are over 18 years of age or have their legal guardians consent should proceed to the sex education chapters. By proceeding you the user are hereby agreeing that you are of the appropriate age or with guardian consent and have read this notice.

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